About me and my Art

Charlotta Hörman

My name is Charlotta Hörman and I live in beautiful Smygehamn (as far south as possible in Sweden) together with my partner Stefan Mårtensson. I have two sons, Tim and Ted. I got my first grandchild in november 2014 and my second in june 2019. They are two sweet little girls named Ghia and Saga. They live in Peru with my daughter-in-law Elizabeth and my son Tim. My second son live closer, in Lund. I paint in oil and have done so since I was 14 years old when I went on a painting course. Painting pictures became a passion that has been in my life since then



The great Renaissance masters Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Rafael and others have often influenced me in the choice of subject and style. With my peacock paintings I want to get the feeling to be moved back to the Middle Ages environment. Where silence, warmth, scents and stillness gives you peace and the feeling of being one with life and might wish you were there, in the painting. Some other subjects that I paint are worn old teddy bears, chickens, country life, and Madonnas.
Ars longa,vita brevis est  "Art is long, life is short"


Oilpainting course     1981
Autodidact           1981-

Sculpture course   2011,2012


Kabusagården,Österlen 1997-2002
Kåsebergahallen       2003-2005
Ölands Artnight      2004-2005
Eljaröd prästgård           2005
Gallery Lotta              2007
Västra Nöbbelöv school     2008
Rökhuset,Svaneholm   2009-2015
Romele Art Gallery         2009
Ölands Artnight            2009
"MontMartre, Ystad"        2010
MästersGalleri,Mickelsmäss  2011
Skurups Bibliotek           2011
Gallerinatten, Malmö        2011
Galleri Svedala             2012
Gallerinatten, Malmö        2012
AteljeM.se                 2013
Gallerinatten, Malmö 2014, 2016
and many more...